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Changzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Changzhou National High-Technology Industry Development Area, which was founded on 12th Dec, 2002.The company registered capital of 60 million yuan, and total assets of 610 million yuan. The company has more than 200 sets of computer numerical control equipment. It is largest enterprise which specialized in precision heavy gear in china. At present, products of Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd mainly include a series of gears like gears of speed-up gearbox of wind power generator, track traffic gears, gears used as constructing materials, marine gears, machine tool gears, metallurgy gears, mining machine gears and space division gears, Bathroom Cabinets, Shower room, Wire Connector, terminal block which are sold to foreign countries like Australia.

Rome was not built in a day. In this decade, under the lead of Jiang Wenge, chairman of the board, who has been working out plans and strategies for the development and has been working conscientiously for progress, Changzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd has experienced a series of perfect changes step by step. At the beginning, This factory was engaged in gear grinding process only and at present,it is specialized in professional research, development, design, manufacture and sales of high-precision hard surface gears with high or low speed and transmission device. In 2010,300 million yuan was spent on research and development project of large precise gear. The first Niles 8-meter gear grinding machine and Gleason-Pfauter 10-meter high-speed gear hobbing machine would be introduced in this project. In the same year, Mongolia Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in Baotou. In June, 2011 Tianshan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. joined National Electricity Combined Power Technology (Baotou) Co., Ltd, which is a central enterprise and participated in research, development and manufacture of MW-levels speed-up gearbox of wind power generator a new kind of green energy industry.Since 2005, Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd cooperated with well-known corporations in China, such as Chongqing Gearbox, Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co.,Ltd,China National Erzhong Group Co.,Ltd and has exchanged technologies with well-known corporations, such as GE, Siemens, Gemesa and Lomas, thus raising production level of gears. Recently, this company has passed the evaluation and demonstration of some corporations like Voith, Bosch, David Brown and Moventas and has been regarded as eligible supplier by all of them. And only inspection exemption supplier in the history of China National Erzhong Group Co.,Ltd.

At present, company is trial-manufacturing a full set of gears for enterprises manufacturing speed-up gear box of wind power generator such as Sany Group, National Electricity (Baotou) Corporation, Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial Co..Ltd. Gears that are trial-manufactured for Sany Group have been put into mass production. What’s more, gear engines trial-manufactured for Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial Co.,Ltd have passed demonstration of Germanischer Lloyd.After entering the twelfth five plan, with magnificent development strategy. Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd is determined to depict a new and beautiful picture of “becoming the best in China”,main products will export to Europe and United States market”.